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House of Peregrine

Laser 3.14 Genesis Keychain

Laser 3.14 Genesis Keychain

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Used by none other than Laser 3.14 and made into a keychain(signature included) by designer Geert DeCock.

Includes free NFT for authentication.  Also allows access to privileges within the HOP  community.


Color of paint and top vary as this is a one of a kind product.

Why it's for Peregrines

Laser 3.14 is the artist for our Genesis Collection, our first year Membership.

The Poems on the streets of Amsterdam have spoken to something that we find deeply universal to Peregrines: being a bit out an outsider and feeling into life in a way that blazes new trails.  This handmade piece is a direct connection to the artist and was developed by Geert DeCock for House of Peregrine.


You can read about the creation of this piece and login with the accompanying NFT here


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